WEEK ONE of Our 30 Day “Ease Into Exercise Challenge!

Today is an exciting day! Why? Because it’s day ONE of our 30-Day “Ease Into Exercise” Challenge! If you haven’t downloaded the 30-Day Challenge calendar yet, you can find it by clicking HERE! And if you haven’t joined our motivational and encouraging community, you can find it by clicking HERE!

It’s leg day! I know you have 5 minutes today to take care of YOU! Focus on your fitness with this quick workout. If you’re feeling extra energetic, repeat this workout to get 2 or 3 or more sets in!

Here’s the workout. You can do this with or without dumbbells. Just make sure to push yourself! Turn the volume up to hear the music! And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!

MAKE SURE to drink AT LEAST half your body weight in ounces of water this week! For example, someone who weighs 150lbs would drink 75oz of water per day. This DOES NOT include coffee or tea since they are diuretics (which increase the secretion of water from the body). I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink coffee or tea! I am a huge fan of both. I’m just saying don’t include it in your daily water intake.

Today is also the day to take “before” pics and measurements if you want to (I encourage it!). You’re welcome to share your results at the end of the 30 days but you absolutely do NOT have to! This is just for YOU!

Published by Alicia K.

Alicia K, the founder of Enrich Your Life Fitness, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and an over-40 mom of two teens.

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