Welcome to Enrich Your Life Fitness! I’m Alicia, a mid-40s mom of 2 teens, one of whom just started driving (yikes!) I live in Wisconsin, USA, where it’s COLD 6 months out of the year (which makes at-home fitness a life-saver)!

I’ve been into fitness for many years and have done everything from group fitness classes to gym workouts, to home workout videos, to walking on my lunch & work breaks, to biking, hiking, kayaking, and whatever else I can do to stay active.

In my 30’s I worked at a multidisciplinary integrative medical center where I learned a TON about fitness, overall wellness, mind/body connection, and nutrition.

I also really got into home workouts in my mid-30s. It’s SO easy to just press play! No driving, no getting dressed, no rigamarole. I found that home fitness programs gave me the best results I’d ever gotten. Following a home fitness program with a schedule–a workout plan–really leveled up my fitness.

In 2021, I decided to take my interest in fitness to the next level and became a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

In 2022, I decided to start a YouTube channel, and now, here we are!

I have definitely had my ups & downs with exercise and eating healthy throughout the years. I go through seasons where I’m doing “all the things” right (following an exercise program, meal planning/prepping, eating healthy), and then I go through seasons where I’m not quite as on track. But you know what? Leading a fit and healthy life is a marathon, not a sprint. Life happens and sometimes we just have to do our best, and that’s okay because each new day offers us a fresh start!

Let’s work out together!