Enrich Your Life Fitness is here to take the complication out of exercise by offering a variety of engaging, manageable, and effective at-home workout videos for all fitness levels. These FREE workouts can be found on YouTube! Below are some of our most popular workouts. Give them a try!

Are you ready to enrich your health, fitness, & wellness? But…

• You’re not sure how to do it or where to start.
• You want to make fitness a priority but you’re feeling unmotivated.
• The thought of making positive changes to your health & fitness is too overwhelming.

This fitness planner is going to make your wellness journey a whole lot easier. Use it to set goals, plan meals, track progress, and reflect on each week! AND unlike many other planners, this one offers a complete weekly exercise plan, including each exercise and how to do it, to help you achieve your goals as quickly and easily as possible. You’ll be able to improve and maintain your mental & physical health without any more excuses!

Now available in downloadable PDF, or coil-bound notebook!

What People Are Saying

“I have been following EYLF challenges for several months and for me it’s not about weight loss or even inches lost. At my age, I feel like it’s preventing the inevitable decline that occurs when you sit more and move less. These videos allow me to combine strength and cardio so I’m maintaining my current level of fitness. I’ve definitely noticed improved stamina. I look forward to getting my workout in on an almost daily basis. There is also lots of encouragement and lifestyle tips. The community is a healthy one and I enjoy interacting with the like-minded people that EYLF has brought together! ❤️”



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