The Time Will Never Be Right! Here’s Why You Should Start Today Anyway.

What is it that you want to have, be, or do? What is the reason that you’re giving yourself for waiting to move forward with it? Are you not experienced enough? Not talented enough? Not as good as the people you look up to? Maybe you don’t have enough time or money? Do you notContinue reading “The Time Will Never Be Right! Here’s Why You Should Start Today Anyway.”

Every Day is a New Beginning

Bad days happen. Maybe you didn’t finish everything on your to-do list. Maybe you had an angry moment with your kids and you’re feeling guilty about it. Maybe something you did affected someone in a negative way (even though you didn’t mean for that to happen). Maybe you just felt really sad today and couldn’tContinue reading “Every Day is a New Beginning”

You’ll Look Back and Be Glad You Never Gave Up

If you are making positive changes in your life, or if you are working toward a goal, there will be many moments where you’ll feel like all the effort you are putting in is just not worth it. Whatever you do…Do. Not. Believe that! At the end of the day, no matter what happens, allContinue reading “You’ll Look Back and Be Glad You Never Gave Up”

All Progress Takes Place Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s HARD to do things you’ve never done before. Trying new things is risky. It’s uncomfortable. It’s scary! Staying in your comfort zone keeps life easy. Safe. Predictable. But how is that serving you? Is it helping you grow? Is it helping you live your life to the fullest? Is it giving you purpose? IsContinue reading “All Progress Takes Place Outside Your Comfort Zone”