FREE 28-Day “Ease Into Strength Training” Workout Program

What is this program all about? This exercise program combines fun, mood-boosting walking/low-impact workouts, with essential, manageable, strength training workouts. All workouts are free on YouTube! Your program schedule and links to the YouTube workouts can be found in the workout program PDF (click on the button below). Why add strength training? SO MANY REASONS!Continue reading “FREE 28-Day “Ease Into Strength Training” Workout Program”

Your August 2022 “Fit-For-All” Workout Plan is HERE!

Our NEW 30-Day “FIT-FOR-ALL” Challenge Starts Aug 1st! Sign up for our email list to get your FREE 30-day workout calendar. CHOOSE YOUR CHALLENGE! Beginner Challenge Change your life in 10 minutes per day! Thischallenge is for anyone who is new to exercise,looking to get back into it, is too busy, or is lookingto developContinue reading “Your August 2022 “Fit-For-All” Workout Plan is HERE!”

WEEK ONE of Our 30 Day “Ease Into Exercise Challenge!

Today is an exciting day! Why? Because it’s day ONE of our 30-Day “Ease Into Exercise” Challenge! If you haven’t downloaded the 30-Day Challenge calendar yet, you can find it by clicking HERE! And if you haven’t joined our motivational and encouraging community, you can find it by clicking HERE! It’s leg day! I knowContinue reading “WEEK ONE of Our 30 Day “Ease Into Exercise Challenge!”