WEEK ONE of Our 30 Day “Ease Into Exercise Challenge!

Today is an exciting day! Why? Because it’s day ONE of our 30-Day “Ease Into Exercise” Challenge! If you haven’t downloaded the 30-Day Challenge calendar yet, you can find it by clicking HERE! And if you haven’t joined our motivational and encouraging community, you can find it by clicking HERE! It’s leg day! I knowContinue reading “WEEK ONE of Our 30 Day “Ease Into Exercise Challenge!”

6 Benefits of Working Out at Home

We’re all about breaking barriers to health and fitness here at Enrich Your Life Fitness. For many, the simple thought of going to the gym can be overwhelming enough to keep them from getting the exercise they need. If this is the case for you, working out at home may be a much more attainableContinue reading “6 Benefits of Working Out at Home”

8 Signs You’re Overtraining

Overtraining syndrome happens when the body is pushed past its ability to recover. Many people believe that pushing past their limits will give them better, faster results, but the opposite is true. Overtraining will stop your progress, or it could even cause you to lose your gains. There are many ways to listen to yourContinue reading “8 Signs You’re Overtraining”