January “Walking for Weight Loss” FREE Workout Plan

January is a time for resolutions and new beginnings. Have you thought about your new year’s resolutions? What are YOUR health & fitness resolutions for the new year?

Now is the time to start thinking about it. I want to help you get back into, or keep up on your health, fitness, & wellness in the new year, so I’ve decided to bring you a BRAND NEW workout calendar with a NEW workout EVERY DAY in January!

After studying my analytics, I’ve found that my walk-at-home, low-impact workouts are the ones that are loved the most, so our January theme will be “Walking for Weight Loss.” But don’t let the “walking” part fool you. There will be plenty of sculpting and toning in our January workouts.

What do you think? Are you in? Will you be participating? Let me know in the comments below!

Day ONE Workout:

Day ONE’s workout premieres on YouTube on January 1st, 2023, at 9:00 am (Central Standard Time) with a LIVE texting chat!

Published by Alicia K.

Alicia K, the founder of Enrich Your Life Fitness, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and an over-40 mom of two teens.

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