ABS & GLUTES Exercise Challenge for Beginners!

Are you a beginner when it comes to working out? Have you been away from regular exercise for a while and want to get back into it? Is life super busy? Do you find yourself too exhausted to even think about working out?


✔️Our main goal for the next 4 weeks will be to develop the HABIT of exercising daily.

✔️We’ll target the areas that many of us are most interested in…abs & glutes.

✔️We’ll start off the month with 5-minute workouts and gradually work our way up to 12-minute workouts, making it simple and achievable for EVERYONE, including YOU!


If you are already exercising daily, the workouts on this plan will make a great finisher for your regular workouts! If you’re looking for a more intermediate or advanced workout plan, choose one HERE.

The below PDF includes thumbnails that are linked to the corresponding YouTube workout video. Just click on the pic to be directed to the video.

Published by Alicia K.

Alicia K, the founder of Enrich Your Life Fitness, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and an over-40 mom of two teens.

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