MARCH 2023 Fitness Challenge: “MARCH INTO SPRING”


With 53 FREE walk-at-home workouts to choose from (and counting), there will never be a dull moment this month in reaching your 10k steps per day goal! 

All you have to do is go to the “Walk at Home Workouts” playlist on the Enrich Your Life Fitness YouTube Channel, choose the workout you want to do for the day, and press PLAY. 

Workouts range from 1,000 steps to 10,000 steps!

This is a fitness challenge that just about ANYONE can do! If, at any point, the walking workout gets too tough, just march in place during the tough parts so that you still get your steps!

Let us know which workout you choose daily in the ENRICH YOUR LIFE FITNESS FACEBOOK COMMUNITY!  And, make sure to post your daily fitness tracker totals in the group as well so we can celebrate your victories with you!

Are you in? Leave a comment below to let me know!

Published by Alicia K.

Alicia K, the founder of Enrich Your Life Fitness, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and an over-40 mom of two teens.

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